About Argys attic Repairs

Argys Attic Repairs, was established in 2015 by Jason Birch as Argys Attic of Curiosities. It started as a complete solution for all that is Retrospective, from old computers, to old Antique plates, we would Repair, Restore and Sell items all from one Central Hub.Initially it gained interest from a number of Celebrity Retro Collectors, who are still valued Customers to the Present Day.

It didn’t perform well and after 6 months, was shut down.This was replaced by Facebook group that still Exists today, without the repairs or restoration.

A seperate page was soon created on Facebook for repairs, in 2017 .The Repairs and Restore diversified into an all round repair service, for modern and retro electronics. This proved Popular until December of 2019 where Jason decided to call it a day on Modern TV repair.

During the COVID 19 Pandemic, it was deemed none viable to continue with Argys Attic, and all repaired ceased.

Argys Attic now returns with a whole new look, feel and Service List.The one thing we will always hold on to is our values of good Customer Service, and a good Reputation of Trust.

About Jason Birch

Jason Birch has been a qualified Electronics Engineer for 30 years.He has Specialised in Power Supplies, Analogue and Digital Electronics and has Experience in High voltage Electronics, such as Lift Drives, Motor drives, and most other Industrial Electronics.

He has a passion for making things work again, and has garnered some skills over the years to allow him to repair and/or restore most vintage electronics.He’s also an avid Retrogamer and has written for Fusion Magazine .

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